RK Exclusive Doors have undergone a set of tests carried out by the Laboratory of Building Technology, in accordance with the PN-EN 14351-1+A2 standard, confirming their very good performance in the assessment of: resistance to wind load, air permeability and watertightness. Each door is equipped with a set of fixed seals. We produce exclusive and technically perfect exterior doors.

The exceptional thermal insulation of the door is evidenced by the UD heat transfer coefficient, which achieves excellent values of 0.95/092 W/m2k (STANDARD and MODERN lines) and 0.71 W/m2k (EXCLUSIVE) for our entrance doors.
Thanks to the innovative and most energy-efficient RK PREMIUM system, this value is merely 0.67 W/m2k, which guarantees ideal parameters, also for passive construction.


We are constantly looking for technologies that will improve your comfort of using RK Exclusive Doors. The new ekey dLine system is the solution that makes your doors smart. In addition to the standard feature- access control via fingerprints, it offers a number of extremely useful in everyday life additional amenities. It connects to the smart home system, guarantees safety, comfort of use and unique design.

To meet the needs of every single customer, we also have a number of classic – modern, secure motor and automatic locks from reputable manufacturers, which come as an alternative or an extra feature to the fingerprint reader. Get to know the range of opportunities that we offer – together we will develop a solution that will fully satisfy you and meet your expectations.


RK Exclusive Doors is a combination of security, modern technology, the highest comfort of use but also a unique design, which makes it a premium product, recognizable all over the world. Each door is manufactured with passion. Attention to detail is our hallmark. We are uncompromising and rigorous in guarding the quality of our product. 

We use the most beautiful cladding from all over the world. In addition to the standard RAL palette, we use hand-formed liquid metal, ceramics, quartz sinters, wood-like surfaces, imitations of concrete and corroded steel.
We make all the wildest dreams of designers and architects
come true. We love challenges and are happy to take them on. 


Each model is an idea that is born through inspiration. At first, it appears in dreams and is transferred to paper. Then a team of people with passion – the best specialists, makes sure that every element is just perfect. Every day we produce masterpieces that stem from our love for the product. 

Our goal is to create doors that will proudly guard the most important place in the world every day – your home, and at the same time make you smile right at the very entrance. 

Our production is a manufactory. Right behind every inch of RK Exclusive Doors, there stands a man who with his own hands creates doors that are supposed to delight.  For us, it’s not just a door – it’s a work in which we put our heart, on which we focus and which we develop to give you what you want.

About us...

We are limited just by our imagination…

In 2010, the first concepts, inconspicuous production halls, unique designs are created, based on dreams and vision of a man with passion. This is how RK Aluminium is created — a manufacturer of the top quality aluminum doors.

The company is developing vigorously. Excellent strategy, best professionals in the business, precision workmanship, modern technology and our ideas will soon make our company enter Western markets, where it will make itself very much at home.

Customers appreciate top quality, excellent service and professionalism of RK.

In 2019, the company has been promoted to PREMIUM class, starting its operations under the RK Exclusive Doors brand.

The company also expands its manufacturing facilities. By 2020, the warehouse and production halls occupy 5000m2 and are getting bigger and bigger with time. 

The result of a prolonged search for the most innovative solutions on the market, the most unique and delightful finishes and cooperation with first-class designers, is our fourth catalogue with entrance doors:
Collection 4.0. 

A brand new new product is also launched on the market, which is a stepping stone into an absolutely new dimension – RK PIVOT DOORS.
While following the latest architectural trends, RK Exclusive Doors comes up with exclusive entrance door;
having dimensions of up to 2x6m and 500kg in weight. Spectacular entrances are now at your fingertips.

The most important aspect of our company’s success is our passion, which is palpable in every inch of the doors we produce. It’s this very thing that does not tolerate compromise. It’s this very thing that makes us come up with the highest quality
and makes us get better every day. 

At this point, the company boasts more than 300 clients in 11 countries all over the world. 

The company produces entrance doors to order, taking on even the most complex of challenges. Unlimited design and constructional
capabilities are what makes RK Exclusive Doors an unrivalled company in the class of luxury aluminum doors.

The end result are aluminum entrance doors, which are simply breathtaking.