RK Exclusive Doors lines


Adorable glazing

Glazing – adorable at first sight and infinitely irresistible. Smooth panes of deep black glass built the elite profile of each model from the GLASS collection. They do rule here. They are like a magnet, turning heads and breath-taking… their depth is simply irresistible.
Shiny glass panes do not seem to be fragile; on the contrary, they seem to beam with impressive power!
You make stunning impression right from the start. 


Simplicity of geometry

Sharp cuts releasing energy. Bold lines ideally integrated with the whole. Door with personality, not to be neglected. Here everything harmonizes and permeates, thus creating an intelligent system of lucid cuts. There is here no room for mediocrity.
Routine is put aside.
It’s all about emotions!


Catch the light

You live intensely, never fading away. You like to glow and receive admiration.
There is no need to be in the spotlight – just light up your space. Gentle and subtle LED lighting will make your home shine against the background of the other ones.
Functionality and appeal tone in perfectly here. Pleasant glow will lead the way
home infallibly even on a dark night.
Shine always and everywhere.


Harmony in the curvature

Ethereal, multidimensional fineness, sheer elegance, pervasive harmony carrying sensual peace… Can you sense it as well? One cannot resist feeling with the palm along the line between the two complementary powers interlinked ideally, like on the move, permeating and interacting…


Invitation in English style

Timeless elegance and chic, emphasized by sophisticated details. This door is a promise of a tasteful interior, beaming with family atmosphere. Come in, make yourself comfortable and have a lovely cup of hot tea. In this interior there is no room for chaos. It has been taken away. It is ruled by peace, care for culture and tradition, with love of the beautiful in the background.
You are always welcome here.


Where tradition encounters modernity

This line does not need additional setting as it is fascinating on its own. It is purposeful and consistent in achieving the goal. It is not striking or flashy. It meets the most important tasks and achieves a success. These models are masterpieces, free from extravagance, with solid and strong heart concealed beneath tasteful and soft setting. Unceasingly popular.
Impressive in its simplicity.
They simply fit.


More light and space

Tech line aluminium doors ensure great thermal insulation, which is proven by the heat transfer coefficient on the level of Ug 0,7. Moreover, owing to the application of laminated glass VSG, this line products really increase the safety level. Motifs obtained with sand-blasting method ensure extremely elegant looks.

Door accessories


For greater comfort and safety

An extensive selection of accessories for RK Aluminium doors opens the world full of possibilities. Multi-functionality and unique appearance are the effects of choices which you can make yourself or with the help of a designer. In the accessories catalogue you will find diverse variants of door handles, handrails, locks, hinges as well as advanced solutions which will increase the comfort, aesthetics and level of protections in the building (among others electric door opening system, reader or numerical keyboard, LED threshold stripe).

Design your doors



Why aluminium doors?

Aluminium doors are gaining more and more enthusiasts, also among individual clients, every year, Until recently they have been reserved for office and industrial construction because they are just ideal for “intensive operation” in places where customer flow is significant.

RK Exclusive Doors meet the expectations of the most demanding individual clients owing to a long list of advantages, amongst which the following may be distinguished:

  • durability
  • stability of dimensions over time (as opposed to PVC, it does not change the shape as a result of exposure to high temperatures)
  • colour stability
  • excellent thermal insulation and lower energy consumption costs
  • high sound-absorption
  • resistance to hard and variable weather conditions
  • very high mechanical strength
  • smoke resistance
  • high resistance to mechanical damage
  • aesthetic appearance
  • great structural capacity
  • possibility of the performance of doors with atypical dimensions and shapes e.g. triangular arches
  • precise execution
  • almost unlimited design possibilities
  • invariability irrespective of the passing of time
  • simple, quick cleaning and maintenance which do not require specialist agents
  • ease of combining with other materials e.g. glass
  • possibility of the application of a wide selection of glazing
  • possibility of the execution of wood-line door veneer
  • possibility of executing doors with any colour
  • high structural statics
  • prestigious, stylish appearance

Moreover, aluminium is the material which is:

  • “clean”, which means that it does not pick up static and does not attract dirt
  • light, which facilitates transport and installation
  • safe to the environment
  • simple in treatment
  • resistance to any damage, weather and time influence,
  • timeless, which looks like new after many years,
  • as a raw material aluminium is 100% recyclable
  • it ensures environmentally-friendly treatment
  • as opposed to PVC, it does not exude harmful compounds during fire
  • it has perfect, natural anti-corrosion coating.

Excellent thermal insulation and, as a result, lower energy consumption, lower costs and climate protection, which are so significant in passive construction, are ensured in RK Aluminium doors by:

  • complex structure and filling of various kind
  • triple thermal insulation glazing
  • additional insulation of thermal zones
  • high thermal insulation Ud from 0,67 W/m2

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